Gabe Garza


In 2012, Gabe Garza left New Orleans seeking new opportunities with business partner and Chicago real estate mogul, Fred Latsko. Together, the two established Ideology Entertainment, where Garza’s passion and creativity catalyzed the group’s immediate success and innovative restaurant culture built on talented chefs, inspired architectural design and Southern hospitality. Since the company’s founding, the duo has opened and operates five concepts together: Chicago q in 2010, Blue Door Farm Stand and Biggs Mansion in 2014, La Storia Ristorante in 2015, and Blue Door Kitchen & Garden in 2016, with four more concepts on the horizon.

A true southerner, Garza was born in New Orleans and spent much of his early life in Houston. While pursuing a diverse education from both Louisiana State University and Vanderbilt University, Garza’s love for hospitality administration and management flourished. As an undergraduate student, he cultivated his professional development with four restaurant groups, pioneering skills in conceptual design and restaurant operations. After completing his degrees, Garza quickly became an innovating force in the New Orleans and Birmingham culinary scenes, conceptualizing three restaurants and advancing to the role of managing partner, a position he held for twelve years.

Today, Garza is President of Ideology Entertainment and personally maintains the high standards established at each of his restaurants; all of his work is driven by his unique vision for the entertainment industry while his hospitality approach is sensibly influenced by his southern roots.